2020-2021 Fees and Charges

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Albury Waste Management Centre - Disposal Fees – Special Items
ProductEnabling Auth.Unit Of MeasurePrice CategoryGST InclusiveCharge/Fee Comments
Commercial Recycling Charge
Includes the commercial sector to pay for the disposal of items such as polystyrene, cardboard, commingled items such as glass.
A tonne E Yes$72.00  **
Mattress - small (cot) A each E Yes$11.00  **
Mattress and Base A each E Yes$53.00  **
Mattresses or Base A each E Yes$33.00  **
Recycled Refrigeration Gas - all refrigeration units E each E Yes$18.00First item free. Remaining items $18.00 per item. **
Contaminated hazardous waste/Specially requested security waste
Note: Includes asbestos
A per tonne E Yes$290.00  **
Car tyres or smaller A each E Yes$7.00  **
Truck tyres A each E Yes$15.00  **
Tractor tyres (up to 1.5m diameter) A each E Yes$85.00  **
Tractor tyres (greater than 1.5m diameter) A each E Yes$160.00  **
Animal carcass – small A each E Yes$23.00  **
Animal carcass – large A each E Yes$57.00 
Green Waste, Concrete, Bricks, Plasterboard, Soft furnishings A per tonne E Yes$57.00  **
Unspecified Waste A per tonne E Yes$360.00  **