2021-2022 Fees and Charges

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AlburyCity determines its fees and charges each Financial Year with the adoption of the new budget. These fees and charges are contained within the one year Operational Plan and are also outlined here.


Fees and charges include:


  •    * Fees for the use of publicly owned facilities such as the Airport, LibraryMuseum, Art Gallery, sporting facilites, Waste Management Centre and Albury Entertainment Centre;
  •    * Fees for providing information, supplying products and processing of applications; and
  •    * Charges for the provision of domestic waste services, water supply and sewerage services


The fees and charges are categorised to clarify how the rate has been determined, as per the categories below.


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For further information on AlburyCity's fees and charges please contact (02) 6023 8111 or Email info@alburycity.nsw.gov.au

Pricing Category
A Statutory charge, set by regulatory body
B Rate recommended by advisory organisation
C Partially subsidised rate, applying the "user contributes" principle
D Fully subsidised rate
E Commercial rate to recover all costs and risks, applying a "user pays" principle

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