Building Information Certificates

A Building Information Certificate is usually requested by a buyer or seller of a property before settlement, to ensure that what is bought or sold, will not be the subject of action by Council. The certificate prevents Council, for a period of seven (7) years, from making an Order requiring the buildings (the structures present at the time of inspection) to be repaired, demolished, altered, added to or rebuilt, except in the case of fair wear and tear over that period of time.

A Building Information Certificate is also used to approve works conducted without the necessary approvals being issued by Council or an Private Certifying Authority.

A Bulding Information Certificate application can only be made by:

  • The property owner/s;
  • The written consent of the property owner/s;
  • The purchaser of a property under a contract for the sale of the property (including the purchaser's solicitor or agent); or
  • A Public authority that has notified the owner/s of its intention to apply for the certificate.

To estimate the cost of a 6.26 Building Information Certificate please refer to Council's fee schedule:

Building Type - Class 1 & 10

Single Dwelling$250
Dual Occupancy/Multi Dwelling$250 per dwelling

All Other Buildings - Class 2 to 9

Not exceeding 200sqm$250
Exceeding 200sqm but not exceeding 2000sqm$250 plus 50cents for each sqm in excess of 200sqm
Exceeding 2000sqm$250 plus 50cents for each sqm in excess of 200sqm in excess of 200sqm up to 2000sqm. Plus 7cents for each sqm in excess of 2000sqm
Part Building (no floor area)$250
Reinspection fee$90

Note: Additional fees may be charged in accordance with Clause 60 or the EP&A Regulations 2000 for unauthorised work, see Council's Fees & Charges for full details.

Following receipt of the application form, Council will contact you to organise and confirm an appointment for inspection.